Political Contributions

In 1977 through 1993, Our Attorney Gabriel & Gabriel served as Treasurer of the “Michel for Congress Committee”, campaign arm of Congressman Robert H. Michel. In 1982, he was a seven county coordinator for Michel’s Re-election to Congress Committee.  He has served Congressman Michel as legal counsel (personal), and as a long-time political operative and personal friend.

In 2000 he served as a finance committee member of the “Hawkinson For Supreme Court Committee”, Third District.

In 1972, he served on Governor Richard B. Ogilvie’s Campaign Speaker’s Bureau and as Peoria County Campaign coordinator.  In 1970, he was a co-chairman for the Peoria area for U.S. Senator Ralph T. Smith’s re-election campaign.  In 1978, he was the Peoria area campaign coordinator for John Castle’s campaign for Illinois Controller.

He was a Governor’s Appointee to the Illinois Dangerous Drugs Advisory Council form 1970-71.

He served as a Precinct Committeeman for the Republication Party for over 20 years, and as Peoria County Republication Central Committee Secretary for four years.  He served many years on the Peoria County Republication Finance Committee.

In 1987, OUr Attorney was a panelist on fund raising for an 18th Congressional District “Political Expo” training course.

In 1970, OUr Attorney was Chairman of the Peoria County Associate Judge Nominating Convention in 1970.

He was the Republican Candidate for Peoria County State’s Attorney in 1964.

He also served as Vice-President of the Peoria-Tazewell Counties Republican Workshops and conducted many precinct organization workshops.