Credit Repair

A very valid concern about filing bankruptcy is how it will affect your future and if it will take years to qualify again for a home mortgage, vehicle loan, or any other type of credit line. The bankruptcy process is designed to give individuals and families relief from insurmountable debt and isn’t intended to forever ruin a person’s credit. It offers individuals a fresh start and the chance to rebuild their credit.


At the Law Offices of Debt Lawyers, L.L.C., our legal team is extremely well versed and experienced in cases that pertain to bankruptcy. We are committed to helping you become debt free and providing you solutions that can result in the repairing of your credit.

Our focus and top priority in each and every case is to help the individual and their family make a brighter financial future for themselves. We know that a solution exists for every client. Brooklyn personal injury lawyer Stein Law is committed to finding the one that effectively guides you through the course of action that aligns best with your goals and interests in order to help you achieve the best result possible.

Creditor Harassment: Unethical and Illegal

If you owe money to banks and lenders, you should not be subject to creditor harassment, it is against the law. There are many tactics used by collectors to try and retrieve what is owed to them, but in some instances, they are overstepping what is legally acceptable. If you or someone you know is experiencing creditor harassment, or what you believe to be unethical, or unlawful demands for what you owe, it’s important that you learn what your rights are. Car accident attorney can provide you the information you need and the advocacy you deserve.

Bankruptcy Do’s and Don’ts

Are you considering filing for bankruptcy? If you are struggling with debt and are unable to make monthly payments, then this may be the best option for you. When creditors are hounding you for past due payments and they begin threatening repossession or foreclosure, be sure to act fast. When you work with a bankruptcy attorney from Law Offices of Debt Lawyers, L.L.C., you can feel confident knowing that your case is in good hands. We are highly adept in U.S. bankruptcy law and we can help guide you through every stage of the process.